New in the neighborhood

It occurred to me about a week ago that I’ve become spread pretty thin lately. Not in terms of workload, but where people can find my work if they want to read it. I’m on Shacknews, 1UP, GamePro, GeekSpeak, Re-Play Radio and Newsvine — and still others might be coming. It was getting awfully inconvenient to follow my work.

So I decided to start up a blog that would serve as a a catch-all for everything I produce. I’m still working on prettying up the place, so don’t mind the dust and drop cloths while I get settled in.

Here’s a little sampler of the types of links and commentary I’ll be trying to provide here.

  • Double Fine somehow gets more adorable – It’s too bad I don’t own a Kinect. I’ve really enjoyed this notion of smaller downloadable games from the studio, but I might be counted out of this one. I have a soft spot for Sesame Street, and all Muppets really. If I had a toddler I could justify buying a Kinect for this game. Maybe I can borrow my nephew….
  • Man, nerds love Felicia Day – But then, you don’t play a freckled WoW player and a mad scientist love interest without picking up a few fans.
  • Oh, like robot kittens – I just can’t think of Voltron without picturing that Penny Arcade.
  • Looks like I’m getting Joe Danger for 50% off – At least, I hope so. It seems strange to give the discount based on popularity. The people voting will be the people who played the game, and if they already played it they don’t need a discount. Maybe I’m just bitter that I already own almost everything that will probably win.

I also wrote a story on DJ Hero 2 at Shack today, but I have no real commentary or interest in it. I never was much of a music game guy, but sometimes you just write a story that you don’t personally care about, because it’s still valuable news to someone. When it comes to Shacknews, I produce at least 5 stories per day, so I’ll only bring them up here when I have something to say.

I should have a cool feature coming at 1UP, restarting a series that I began years ago. Now it should be monthly again, and I’m pretty excited about this first entry. Look for it sometime next week.

I got Tactics Ogre in the mail today (thanks Amazon trade-ins!), so I’m looking forward to starting that up. It came with a deck of tarot cards, which I had read about a bit in preview coverage but not thought about too much. I didn’t realize it was literally going to come with them, at least. I’m not sure if I’m going to follow the Law or Chaos path, but the idea of more Final Fantasy Tactics appeals to a very potent synapse in my brain.

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