Staring into the flashing, colorful eye of madness

Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside the head of a coked-up comic shop owner? Play Marvel vs. Capcom 3. I rented it from GameFly today, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it yet. Basically, here’s the breakdown of pros and cons so far:

Pros: Hitting random buttons and watching cool stuff happen

Cons: Galactus

See, I’m not much of a fighting game guy, so when “hit random buttons” is a perfectly valid strategy for everyone but the final boss, it throws me off. I just want to see Tron Bonne’s ending, dag nabbit.

Here are a few of my pieces today from Shacknews:

  • More free PS+ games! – I knew being a Plus subscriber would pay off eventually. I don’t have much interest in playing these Genesis titles yet again, but free games is free games.
  • Yeah, threaten them, that’ll stop the hackers – Never mind that free PSN accounts means. This is the problem with hacks; anything that can be done can be undone by someone with the know-how. I don’t blame Sony for trying to put the toothpaste back in the bottle, but it just seems so futile.

I tried out Tactics Ogre last night, and it’s pretty much exactly what I’ve wanted in a spiritual successor to FFT. Though FFT was inspired by Tactics Ogre, so it all comes full circle. I also played through a bit of the latest Pokemon Mystery Dungeon; I had a little money left in trades and I’ve gotten a fondness for roguelikes lately.

I’ll be trying out You Don’t Know Jack pretty soon; the buzz has been really positive so far. And I came to find out in the middle of the wee hours that Telltale has released episode 2 of Back to the Future. I reviewed the first one for 1UP and really liked it, so I’m looking forward to cracking into this one now.

My wife and watched Survivor tonight; we’re not huge fans (Amazing Race is better), but we’ve gotten into the habit lately. The Redemption Island element is kind of interesting, at least, but I don’t like giving Russell a third shot so soon. Hilariously, though, his strategy seems to be a conniving ass again. The only reason that worked the last two times is because you weren’t known for it then, dummy.

Tonight’s tribal council was among the strangest I’ve seen. This former government agent Phil is both weird and douchey, which I have nicknamed “weirdouchey.” He basically spilled all the details of his alliance’s plan with no prompting whatsoever. I predict he’ll be kicked off soon enough.

Also, apparently this is Wonder Woman? Alright, I suppose. Anyone who’s listened to the lastest GeekSpeak knows we have some justifiable reservations about this show.

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