Nothing like a last-minute assignment

I tend to do a lot of freelance for different outlets, but I keep the deadlines pretty open as often as possible. Today, though, I got a ping from Frank over at 1UP about a feature set they’re planning on rolling out soon. Like, possibly tomorrow. And like an idiot I volunteered to help out, so I spent a late night putting my part of it together. With any luck you’ll see the fruits of my labor tomorrow.

And now, the usual link dump;

  • Walking Dead adventure game? I’m there. The show caught my interest, and I like the Back to the Future games they’ve been putting out, so I’m eager to see more of this one.
  • I’m a sucker for Assassin’s Creed. I like to think I’ll pass this up, $10 isn’t cheap, but a new mission to save Leonardo Da Vinci? Ubisoft you sneaky bastards.
  • I hate issuing retractions. Anyone does, of course. What’s strange is that Eurogamer sticks by their translation here. I suppose this sort of thing is bound to come up with something is translated from English, to German, then back to English again.
  • Forget Phoenix Wright, this should be the crossover Versus game. They couldn’t make a more comically obvious game imitation if they were trying.

I’ve only played a bit of YDKJ. I’m noticing Xbox Live games aren’t going too well, with some dropouts and people who are obviously gaming the system. I played my wife, though, and I’m planning to play a friend of mine. Seems like if you stick to who you know it’s good. Meanwhile the production value and humor are fantastic.

If you’re not watching Archer, you’re missing out. Tonight’s was one of the best this season, with a lot of development on Lana and Archer, and some good gags with the team back at the office. Pam (Bryan’s favorite character) had a few great moments all to herself.


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