Teddy Roosevelt wishes you a bully day

The ShackNews offices are closed in honor of President’s Day — yeah, I’m surprised too. So that means no daily updates from me today. It did give me a nice relaxing Teddy Roosevelt day and an opportunity to work on some freelance projects I’ve had in the hopper for a while.

Speaking of freelance work, my piece for 1UP went up today: the 25 Most Useless Items in Zelda History. I don’t tend to do the snark/humor thing, but I liked how this piece turned out. It’s one of several top-25 lists from 1UP celebrating the birthday of Zelda.

Speaking of births! And segues! A friend had a baby today, so we might go to visit sometime. Apparently another snow storm is coming tonight, which may mean another school closing as well. As someone who works from home, though, snow is basically meaningless.

We watched the Amazing Race last night, one of our favorites in the “reality show” camp. This is a good season too, since it’s bringing back so many fan favorites. We’re rooting for the cowboys, but the episode ended with them dangerously close to getting booted off. You know they won’t, though, because otherwise tipping the hand this early would be stupid.


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