The Shackocalypse

So the new Shack launched today. It’s been in the works since way before I arrived, and it lacks some of our wish list of features, but I like certain aspects of the design a lot more. The blue/silver color scheme looks a lot nicer than the old red/tan, and larger text looks more modern.

Predictably, the internet hates it. At least, some portion of the internet hates it, but I’ve been pretty happy to see most of the Shack users making thoughtful, constructive criticism. If the site team takes the feedback to heart and rolls with making improvements, this could be a fantastic design in a few months.

Speaking of Shacknews, let’s take a looksee at what I wrote today.

  • The iPad 2 is a near certainty. This is one of those rumor stories that’s barely even a rumor, but I have to report it that way. I’ve been waiting to get an iPad for the second generation, so I’m curious what will come of this.
  • So that’s seven dollars in EA’s coffers. I’m sort of a sucker for Dead Space, and more single-player content is exactly what I want. It’s just too bad I have to pay real moneys for the PSN version since I own the game on PS3. I already have some Microsoft Points banked.

I went on a little Pokemon binge today, after Bryan pointed me to this site. It’s actually a pretty easy process, as long as your DS can connect to the interwebs. Is it cheating? Yes probably. But considering I’ll only ever play the single-player game and against Bryan in some bouts, I figure it’s fair.

I continued my Logical Fallacies 101 series yesterday on Newsvine. It’s been a modest hit, and one of the few places I find some real chin-stroking at Newsvine these days, so I want to keep it up. This entry was on association fallacies.

Bulletstorm should arrive tomorrow, which should at least make good podcast listening fodder. I tend to like having at least a couple of brainless games around for that very purpose, and Bulletstorm seems about as brainless as humanly possible.


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