Burgers and Video Games Live

Nina (my wife) got me tickets for Video Games Live for a Valentine’s Day gift, after we mutually enjoyed the Video Game Orchestra at PAX East. This afforded us the rare opportunity to go through Rockville and visit Urban Burger. If you live in or around Rockville, for God’s sake visit this place. It’s amazing.

Video Games Live was pretty good, if a bit pandering and juvenile at times. I think I was expecting more of a VGO-like performance, which was very much about sitting and enjoying renditions of orchestrated video game music. Instead, it was more of a “show” environment, with little games and videos scattered throughout. It was good fun, but if you’re going you should expect a more casual atmosphere. If you really want game music treated artistically, go to a VGO show or one of the probably dozens of campus-held video game symphony programs (one of which, from the University of Maryland, was present tonight).

They featured this guy as a special guest, and let me say, I can vouch for him. I can’t say with certainty that he didn’t speed up that video or use a blindfold that he could see through, but having witnessed his skills first hand, I can say he definitely didn’t have to. My damn. I’m learning the piano slowly, and sort of taught myself a basic version of Terra’s Theme from FF6, but he put me to shame.

The conductor was the composer for a few games, including Afrika. They let him feature his own Afrika theme song with some video clips, the result of which is that now I’m kind of curious about the game. Not enough to buy it, but maybe enough to rent it someday.

Nina and I got into a conversation about show theme songs on the way home, and couldn’t for the life of us remember Family Matters. It was so conflated with Full House that thinking of one just brought up the other.

And as long as we’re sharing videos, lolwut.


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