“Hey, this is Trip Hawkins…”

So tonight was pretty interesting. I had pitched a feature idea to 1UP, and the editor (Frank Cifaldi) had suggested I talk to Trip Hawkins about it for some interesting thoughts. I won’t go into the details about the feature itself, but I had shot an e-mail to Hawkins’ company Digital Chocolate asking to arrange an interview.

I expected a PR response, or maybe (at best) an e-mail interview. I didn’t expect Trip to call my cell phone while driving. He just asked if it was Steve, and said “hey, it’s Trip Hawkins.” It took me a little bit to recover from the shock, but afterwards I conducted a short, impromptu interview. I think his comments will make that feature about ten times more interesting.

Speaking of 1UP, my feature article finally went up: How Historically Accurate was Red Dead Redemption? This is a revival of a series that I started years ago (!) with Mirror’s Edge. The series is ostensibly called “Reality Check,” but for getting clicks it’s probably best to choose a more interesting title. I plan for this to become a monthly series, and I’ve got seven or so ideas lined up, already given the stamp of approval

The most common “criticism” seems to be people wishing it was longer, which I can only take as a compliment.

GDC eve and all was quiet today. Tomorrow, not so much.

Time for one more link, I suppose. What in the what? I know it’s a terrible ethics violation and all, but I’m just in awe at the juevos necessary for such a stunt.


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