Farewell, The Cape, you stupid, beautiful masterpiece

Last night’s episode of The Cape might be the last we ever see from the show. While I won’t pine for more like some other shows*, I am kind of sad to see it go. I actually liked The Cape.

And I don’t mean that I liked it in some ironic, post-modern way. I mean that I genuinely believe it was consciously hokey as a reference to old superhero serials. If you accepted it on its own terms, it was a really fun bit of comic camp. Too bad the promotions department kept trying to sell it as some kind of gritty Dark Knight series. Talk about dropping the ball, guys. You had a Carnival of Crime, for God’s sake. Embrace that shit.

Did you know they have Dippin Dots in a take-home form? Some knock-off company, anyway, but it’s a pretty good imitation.

Today was the first day of GDC, so we got some cool stories out of it. And a long, long, long, long day.

  • If you hate yourself, pick up Super Meat Boy. If you hate yourself enough to play it twice, because why else would you pay extra for a special edition, pick up the retail copy.
  • Game news: Tomorrow’s controversies, today! I can’t wait to see the Fox News expose on hyper-sexual creepy horror games.
  • Apparently Sony’s Home has had games all along? Huh.
  • What a night for the PlayStation Store. I picked up Severed, Pixeljunk Shooter 2, the demo for PlayStation Move Heroes, and a bunch of free PS+ stuff. I look forward to diving into all of it tonight.

I got into the Dragon Age Legends beta. I’m sort of wondering why it’s taking EA so long to launch it, really. The retail game is due next week, why not get some pre-promotion rolling?

I didn’t write this story, but this sounds pretty awesome. I was considering just renting inFamous 2, but now I might actually pick it up.

* Firefly, Arrested Development, Pushing Daisies, etc


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