What have you done with Sly Cooper?

I played the demo of PlayStation Move Heroes last night, at least a little bit while my Move controller had battery power. It’s pretty, but I’m a little disturbed by how they’ve made Sly. I have a lot of love for the character and the series, so just… ugh.

For one, the new rendering of him (above) looks pretty awful. I’m hoping it isn’t indicative of Sly 4. For another, in the short time I played, he used a whip. A whip. He’s got a signature weapon that’s lasted him for three games, would it be so hard to use his cane with the Move?

Linkity links.

  • New iPad! I’d still like one, but I’m not in a rush. The new feature set was pretty expected without a lot of surprises. Oddly, the Smart Cover is the part that impresses me the most, just because I didn’t see it coming. It’s a pretty clever bit of product engineering.
  • I might actually give Ocarina another chance. I’ve tried to go back to playing it multiple times and just never gotten through it. This, by the way, is why LTTP is a better game; I’ve probably played it a dozen times. But with 3D and updated graphics? Maybe Ocarina is ready for a second go-round.
  • I like this idea. Hopefully the spots are widespread enough that my 3DS will update just by walking around. I like spotpass as a concept, but without infrastructure it’s extremely useless.
  • Speaking of Nintendo, watching Netflix on the go sounds pretty great. To be honest I’ll probably never use it, but it’s a nice feature to have around.

I published another piece of my fallacies article, this week on the argument from ignorance. You know how sometimes people will say “you can’t prove a negative”? They’re wrong, but this is what they’re trying to reference.

Today’s Penny Arcade is almost a transcript of actual conversation between myself and Bryan. I also discovered today that he’s a cat racist, because he doesn’t realize there are different breeds of cats.

I played some Dragon Age Legends last night and into today. It’s actually a pretty fun little flash game. It’s not Dragon Age 2, but I’m digging it. A


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