I remember Silverhawks

As far as I can tell, I’m the only person who does remember Silverhawks. I keep mentioning it to people. “I think it’s the guys that made Thundercats, only instead of sword-wielding furries it was like five Iron Mans.” I just get blank stares.

Come on, people! They had badass space masks! They could fly in space without a spacecraft! How did this not catch on?

On the bright side, it did lead me down a nostalgic path of looking at classic cartoon theme songs. The theme for Batman: The Animated Series is by far the best intro — and pretty much best everything — but Superman was no slouch. Both songs sound like they’d fit perfectly in their respective movies. You could put that song in a Tim Burton movie, or the Superman song in the old Chris Reeves movies, and not miss a beat.

Speaking of which, why was it so damn hard to find Carmen Sandiego? Seriously, just put out an APB on women dressed in bright red trench coats and matching hats and you’d narrow the suspect pool considerably.

Okay, one more.

Last night was our first new Re-Play Radio in a while, and I mixed it down tonight. Check out the accompanying blog post or just download it directly. You can also subscribe in iTunes if you really love me.

I don’t actually talk about music very often, but I think I can listen to Neko Case no matter what mood I’m in. She improves every experience in the human condition.


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