Bing! (commercials are full of it)

I kind of hate the commercials for Microsoft’s Bing. I know commercials are often at least a little dishonest, but something about this particular brand of dishonesty just rubs me the wrong way. One of the world’s largest corporations decided to take on another of the world’s largest corporations, and figured, “we can’t think of anything specific to criticize about our competitors, so let’s make up a problem that doesn’t exist.”

So for the purposes of journalism (and ranting), let’s take a look at the pervasive “Search Overload” problem.

Exhibit A. A young girl comes in and asks her dad if he picked out a cell phone. The Google results start with Verizon Wireless, then the Wikipedia entry for mobile phone. The Bing results start with Wikipedia then goes to T-Mobile. (Seriously, T-Mobile?) Neither directs to cell walls in relation to plasma membranes.

Exhibit B. A woman says they need to find a new place for breakfast. Google results show the Wikipedia definition and local restaurants. Bing results show the same thing. Neither says anything about the Breakfast Club. Which is nice, because that movie’s overrated.

Exhibit C. Some dude-bro says he can’t decide between guac or salsa. Google results show recipes first, then articles about health risks. Bing results, same thing.

You get the idea. It’s not that Bing results are bad, per se, it’s that their commercials invent a problem that doesn’t exist and claim they’re the solution.


  • Here’s my wishlist of TG-16 and Game Gear games on the 3DS: Bonk 2, Darkwing Duck, Keith Courage, Shining Force
  • Apparently there’s some dispute over this Bungie action MMO in the comments? Well, I reported it as the source reported it, at any rate. We’ll see what comes of it.

I woke up with a doozy of a cold this morning, so I’m trying to get rid of it so I’m firing on all cylinders by Monday.


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