Dragons and Gym Equipment

Still feeling a little under the weather, but we decided to go to the gym tonight. They have some new exercise bikes in, from this company called Expresso, and they’re actually pretty cool. Basically a regular exercise bike with a little screen that lets you steer along routes. It’s early PS2-era graphics at best, but better than staring at a wall.

One option is a basic game that has you chasing down coins and dragons to rack up points. It seems to be the only game that allows free roaming, and I could actually see the gamer in me trying that quite a bit. Simplicity be damned!

Every time I see that Red Riding Hood trailer, I just assume that Red either is the wolf or becomes the wolf. There. I just saved you two hours.


  • I swore Joe Danger was a lock. Dead Nation? Really? Oh well, Ghost of Sparta for 50% off isn’t a bad deal, so I may just take advantage of it. It’d be $20, which is a little steep considering all the other portable games on my plate right now.
  • I’m not crazy enough to dress up like an alt-reality soldier and pretend to fight aliens. However, the ability to play Resistance 3 early is almost tempting enough.
  • I understand the idea here, but it still seems like a pretty gray area with privacy rights.

I didn’t write the story, but it’s cool that they’re including the Master Quest in Ocarina 3D. I’ve tried to go back and replay Ocarina several times in my life, and never gotten all the way through it. Link to the Past, on the other hand, I’ve probably played dozens of times from start to finish, and that’s why it’s a better game.

I got Pokemon White in the mail today. I’m trying to play a bit differently this time to mix up the experience. I’m playing as a girl (named her after my wife), chose Sad Otter as my starter instead of Manically Happy Pig, and I’m nicknaming every Pokeymans I catch. I’m pretty early, but the mixture of new features and my own steps to make this experience different may mean I’ll finish this one. Pokemon games are a little hit or miss for me since it’s so redundant, but I was nuts about the first one back in the day. I’m holding out for that teenage feeling.

That was a Neko Case reference. You really need to listen to her.


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