The Gathering of the Nerds

A part of me kind of wishes I could go to PAX East this weekend. So far I’ve been to one PAX East and one PAX Prime, and while Prime was undeniably the better show, East was a lot of fun too. I’ll miss the panels and camaraderie, but not the nerd stench, or long lines, or contagious diseases.

Of course, I’m just recovering from a hell-cold, so I’d probably be Patient Zero anyway.


  • This was an awfully weird story. A guy said something bad about EA and got temp-banned, and all day people (including the community moderator) said it was because he violated ToS. Then, hours later, they sent word out that it was just a glitch. Everything about this story is weird. The bannable offense, the conflicting stories. Just weird.
  • I’m about 12 hours into Dragon Age 2 and I didn’t even notice this glitch. Come to think of it, yeah, I do vaguely recall auto-attacking in the first game.
  • NPD data, now made useless by non-specificity.

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