Gilbert Gottfried is an idiot

I’m usually pretty permissive about humor, and I think there’s some truth to the theory that humor is inherently cruel. Some people say comedy is tragedy plus time. I actually heard research that suggests we find humor in pain when we know that no one is really getting hurt.

But Gilbert, damn is you stupid.

I’m not saying you’re stupid because Japan is still reeling from a crisis and bodies are still being discovered. That makes you a dick.

And I’m not saying you’re stupid because you tried to crack some crass jokes. That makes you a crappy comedian. (Though the regular spot on Jay Leno should also be an indicator there.)

But making those kinds of cracks about Japan when the country accounts for 75% of your company’s business? That makes you a bona fide dumbass.

Less serious topics now.

  • As much as I resent the habit of making every world event fit into the “video game newz!!!!” cycle, sometimes real tragedy does have adverse effects on video games, so we have to report them. When these stories pop up, I try to pepper in a bit of reality like my suggestion in this story to donate to the Red Cross. Garnett pulled together a larger wrap-up of video game happenings here.
  • Interesting way to get Plants vs Zombies on the cheap on DS. I have to wonder if the downloadable version is exactly the same as the cart.
  • EA kind of has a point here. Even if the quarterly reports are an alright compromise for now, NPD is going to need to eventually consolidate those reports to make them worthwhile.
  • I care about this game, but not sure if I should sign up for the creator beta. Because I know I don’t have the time or patience to actually create levels.
  • Grimlock smash!

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