Too much Dragon Aging

My Dragon Age 2 review went up today at Shacknews, and I’m pretty happy with it. Game reviews are a strange balancing act, since you need to separate the game’s oversaturation from your distinct impressions of it. I played a 30+ hour game in about a week, so it’s important to know where the line is between feeling burned out by the speed, and actual pacing problems in the game.

Overall my review was fairly positive, with a few caveats. The readers seem to be digging it, which is always good to see. I’d really like to play through it again, maybe as a male rogue, but I’m going to put it aside for a while first. At least a month or two.

In other Shacknews news…

  • I don’t have much of an opinion on Sins of a Solar Empire. I’d just like to point out that this article was a huge pain to format. All those different levels of indented bullet points? Done by hand. Yeah.
  • Dragon Age Legends is really a Facebook game done right, so now that it’s out of beta I recommend people try it out. I might keep playing it even though I’m past the point of needing DA2 rewards.
  • I always like doing posts about Batman.
  • We actually got a response from Anita two days ago about this, but now the company is doing a bit of a 180. It’d have been nice to be the ones to break that story.

Yet another logical fallacies article went up today, this one on the argument by consensus.

I’m not really sure how to feel about making Riddler a deranged killer, but it may be that he’s just putting people in harm’s way to screw with Batman and doesn’t intend them to be hurt. If so, that fits the character pretty perfectly. And he has taken part in satanic rituals, after all.


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