Slow cookers are beautiful

I tried out our slow cooker for the first time in quite a while today, to make some chili. My wife’s a vegetarian, and she found a pretty great recipe. I modified it in a few ways — used one jalepeno and one bag of fake meat, when the recipe called for two of each — and it turned out great. The best part was how it made the apartment smell like chili. That was also the worst part.

Apparently some people are upset about the New York Times charging to view its online site. I understand the sentiment to an extent. Online content tends to be free, so people have grown accustomed to it. On the other hand, the content itself costs money to produce, especially for a professional, research-heavy organization like the NYT. It’ll be interesting to see how this all turns out, but good on them for trying.

  • This suit seemed like a foregone conclusion when the incriminating e-mails came around. EA can claim it was a joke, and they may even be right, but it seems like enough reason to justify the suit going forward.
  • I actually have Homefront coming, I ordered it through OnLive to get a free micro-console. I was curious about it, and this was a way to get it half-price with two games, so it seemed reasonable enough.
  • If you haven’t played Beyond Good & Evil on the original platforms or the Xbox 360, grab it when it comes to PS3. That is all.

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