OnLive? More like OffLine lol m i rite?

I got my OnLive micro-console in the mail today, after taking advantage of the Homefront deal. I had been curious about it, and curious about Homefront, and even about Metro 2033 (the other free game included), so I bit on it. I’ve played around a little bit, not enough to gather any kind of experienced thoughts, but here are a few early impressions.

By default, it only includes an HDMI cable, so make sure you have a port open. I actually had to pull my TV out and swap it with my PS3 cable, which is going to be a pain pretty fast.

The controller is basically an Xbox 360 controller. I mean, it’s not even trying to hide it, to be honest. The OnLive logo is in the exact same spot as the 360 logo. But hey, if you’re going to blatantly copy someone, copy the best.

Starting it up was easy enough, for anyone who’s ever connected electrical devices. I like the little flourishes they do with the menus, even if it is just to hide load times.

Now for the bad news. I tried Homefront, and it was stuttering quite a bit. Not enough to make it unplayable — more like just enough to make it annoying. I’m still going to play it, of course, but I think the stuttering probably makes it better for puzzle games or RPGs instead of your fast-action first-person shooters. Maybe once we get better network infrastructure in America.

Bryan has some plans in place for GeekSpeak, and kicked off one part of it today with the first entry in the GeekSpeak blog. Exciting things coming.

But while I’ve brought that up, holy crap is that a bad costume. I honestly thought it was one of those Halloween outfits you find at Party City and Bryan had just used it as a visual aide. My reaction when I read the post and saw that it was the actual actress in her actual costume was “GODWHATNO.” And I don’t even have a particular affinity for Wonder Woman. I just recognize her cultural significance and how it’s getting crapped all over.

The main thing that bugs me? Besides everything? The metal looks cheap. It’s clearly shiny plastic. Give her metal gauntlets, metal breastplate, and some actual rope, as opposed to plastic crap and glitter string.

  • Apparently Gun Loco was very bad, so don’t get too broken up about the cancellation.
  • We finally did our wrap-up of cool promotions to help Japan today, and I’m glad we waited. A few just hit today to prepare for the weekend and it’s nice to have them all in one place. I’m thinking of taking advantage of a few myself. You know, for charity. Bungie is probably the most charitable, extending their donations through the end of April. Bravo.
  • I hadn’t heard much about Outland, but it’s awfully pretty.
  • Yes. YES.
  • “Hey, is it too late to cancel the shipments of that game about an earthquake hitting a Pacific coast town and turning it into a barren, Mad Max-like wasteland?”

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