Now Playing, catching up

I realized it’s been a little while since I just did some quick hits of what I’m currently working through, so lacking any other randomness I figured I’d hit that tonight.

Dragon Age Legends is keeping me busy on Facebook, but I made the stupid mistake of resetting my character while trying to change some settings. Oh well. Say goodbye to my female mage, say hello to my warrior, Stabby McGee.  He’s Irish. Obviously.

I wrapped up Bulletstorm last night, and that game is a straight-up hoot. It’s big and dumb, but the mechanics are fun and it has a pretty gorgeous color palette. Good on them for making a game that’s just fun for the sake of being fun.

Now that Bulletstorm is out of the way, I might put Republic Commando in the disc tray. I’ve been meaning to try it out for a good long while now.

I’m playing Homefront via OnLive. Now that I’ve spent a good 15 minutes tweaking the settings, it controls comfortably. I’m hoping that isn’t an issue for every PC-based shooter.

I’m alternating between Torchlight, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, and Beyond Good & Evil on XBLA. All great distractions, but I gravitate towards Torchlight the most. It’s a perfect unwinding game.

I picked up Sonic 4 since it was on sale. I tried it out a bit tonight, and the demo doesn’t really do it justice. It’s actually not bad, even if a bit short. I think it’s easier to like if you realize it’s not a Sonic sequel as much as a Sonic 1 sequel. It carries some conventions from the other games, but everything from the feel to the bonus stages is clearly an homage to the original.

I played some Okamiden via Gamefly and promptly sent it back. It wasn’t bad, per se, but I don’t have the patience for 50 minutes of dialogue in the first hour of play. So, back to Pokemon White for my portable gaming.

Holy crap. I’m playing a lot of games.

  • I can’t wait for Portal 2. I’m sure it’s going to hit Valve’s quality standards, and fun videos like this one just remind me how great the writing is.
  • I should still try out Super Stardust sometime. Maybe if it comes free for PS+ (which is not outside the realm of possibility)
  • Back to the Future: Episode 3 next week? Crap, I still need to finish Episode 2.

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