I finally got around to trying out the new Firefox 4 tonight, and so far I’m pretty impressed. It’s noticeably faster, and some of the usability improvements seem obvious in hindsight. I particularly like the pinned tabs.

I’m not sure how I feel about tabs being on the top of the address bar (or the “Awesome Bar,” which sounds more like an ironically named place to go on a Friday night), but I figure I’ll try it out for a little while. I found the option to put them back in their rightful place, but I figure I should at least give the designers’ intent a chance first.

I actually use two browsers: Firefox when I’m working on Shacknews, Safari for my own personal browsing. Firefox 4 is making an excellent case for making the switch, but I kind of like being able to “quit work” and close that browser. There’s some kind of mental satisfaction in being done for the day and you need a definite finish to the day. Closing the browser is like putting a period on a sentence, and without that period I might feel like the sentence (i.e., the work day) is left hanging. People who don’t work from home might not get it, but I find the distinction helps.

I know I can just clone the browser and call it something different, but I’d really like to have a different looking icon at the bottom as well, just to avoid confusion. It’s probably a little strange that that’s one of the only things keeping me from switching permanently.

When I got my Victini (above) in Pokemon White, I named him after the browser. I mean, he’s a fox, with psychic and fire powers. What else would I call him?

Speaking of writing for Shacknews…

  • Kind of a lackluster PS Store update. I’ll probably download the SOCOM 4 beta, just to have tried it. But I have to wait until my other HDMI cable gets here, so I don’t have to reach behind the TV to switch between OnLive and my PS3. I’m not in any rush.
  • I actually have a soft spot for Bonk, so I’m hoping this rumor proves false and we get to see his bald head on the 3DS.
  • I’m sort of a sucker for courtroom drama. We’ve made a bit of an editorial decision not to overexpose this PS3 hacker case, but Sony using his tampering as part of their case for California jurisdiction pushed it into the realm of worthwhile news to cover. I’m sort of rooting for the big corporation on this one.

One thought on “Firefoxy

  1. Scott says:

    Rooting for Hotz myself. He doesn’t have much interest in piracy himself – he just likes playing with the technology that he bought.

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