Delayed 3D (or: You’re Lucky I Love You, Amazon)

By all measures, I was supposed to get my 3Ds in the mail today. I know Amazon can’t force UPS to deliver on a Sunday. I get that. But they’ve always treated me right and done the next best thing. When Nintendo does its insane Sunday release bull-pockey, Amazon gets it to me the next day, so I don’t mind.

But today, I got a notice that Amazon had shipped my system. I checked its location, and it was in Delaware. Come on, guys. If you’re ever going to drop the ball, don’t make it on a new hardware launch!

Fortunately, I’m receiving enough store credit to get a free accessory and an entire free game. I’m sorry Amazon, baby, I just lost my temper.

I’ll also apparently be deluged with games upon its arrival. I ordered Nintendogs+cats for myself. GameFly is sending me Super Street Fighter 4, because I was just curious enough not to buy it. And I’m on the Shack reviews for Steel Diver and Ridge Racer, so those are being sent to me overnight express. GameFly is sending me Lego Star Wars as well, though it shipped after SF4 so it’s bound to arrive a little later. And I’ll be spending my credit on Ghost Recon, since that’s actually looking pretty good. All in all, this week promises to be a 3DS feast.

IGN is trying this new feature in which it responds directly to commenters on its reviews. I don’t tend to follow IGN that closely, though I follow a few writers that I particularly like. Having been the subject of commenter scorn plenty of times, I can understand the idea of wanting to address your critics. IGN may be big enough to pull it off, but I wonder if this isn’t a more intellectual way of flame-baiting. Don’t get me wrong, the responses are all well-reasoned, but running rational circles around angry people tends to make them even angrier.

Did I ever mention how someone said they wished I ended up in a ditch? Yeah, that totally happened. I didn’t even realize until the guy sent me a private message apologizing for it.

  • Ho-lee crap. Just dismal.
  • Capcom, release a tweaked version of one of its fighting franchises? Surely you jest!
  • This was a weird story. First a bunch of outlets were saying the NPD was freezing us out, but the story from Anita Frazier was completely different. We were sent the same response as a bunch of other outlets, but I’m glad I took the extra step to check into it.
  • This story concerns me, especially since I’m actually getting one and reviewing games on a deadline. I’m sure Garnett would be understanding if it did break; he’s a really nice guy, to be honest. But still, I’d rather not have my shiny new toy break on me for obvious reasons. The problem seems mostly centralized in Europe for some reason, most people I’ve seen reporting it (including the person who snapped the initial picture) used words like “centre.” So maybe our crop of systems is alright? Hopefully? U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

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