Jesus Boy wins again

We’ve been watching Survivor this season, with the whole Redemption Island mechanic added to the game. So far I’m really liking Matt, who we’ve nicknamed “Jesus Boy.” Because he talks about Jesus a lot, and he’s young, you see.

I started to like him when he took down Russell at the Redemption Island challenge. Then he took down one of Russell’s followers. This week he took down the other one of Russell’s followers. Apparently next week whoever wins will re-enter the game, and having that many victories under his belt provides some momentum.

I’ve been continuing to work my way through the 3DS review games. Ridge Racer is turning out to be unexpectedly long, so I’ll probably save that one for Wednesday and make Steel Diver on Monday.

I also got Lego Star Wars in the mail today, and played a (very) small amount. So far it’s a standout for the 3DS games, since it’s one of the few that I can see myself playing with or without the 3DS functionality. The 3D effect is cool, but the game itself is just really solid without it.

  • I downloaded Moon Diver from this week’s PS Store offerings, so hopefully I’ll get a chance to give it a try. Most of my time has been devoted to 3DS review games, but I need to take breaks and play something else once in a while.
  • I have a soft spot for Zeboyd Games, so this story was kind of interesting. I’m sure the creators of College Lacrosse didn’t encourage people to burn ratings, but c’mon, people. You should just know that’s not cool.

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