Goodbye Mega Man Universe. We hardly knew ye.

I wasn’t awake early enough to field the story, but I would’ve taken the cancelation of Mega Man Universe if I had been. As silly as the series has gotten, I have a soft spot for Mega Man. I wouldn’t be writing about video games for a living if it weren’t for these games.

All the same, though, Universe looked pretty awful. I constantly heard that it was clunky and imprecise, and the make-your-own character models looked awful. This reeked of Capcom jumping on a DIY bandwagon, so it’s no huge loss. Mega Man Legends 3, on the other hand, I’d be broken up about.

I read this Cracked piece a few days ago, I guess due to some error that put it up early. It’s a good one, but holy crap that’s some disturbing information about Mickey Mouse.

  • Li-ti-ga-tion! It sounds like Silicon Knights has a pretty good case here, so it’ll be interesting to see how things unfold.
  • This story was one of those rare cases that we get some unique content. I reported the Castlevania DLC delay yesterday, but didn’t expect such a detailed response from the game’s producer. It doesn’t look like it got picked up by the blogs, but sometimes that takes a little while to get rolling.
  • I liked Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions okay. It wasn’t a fantastic game, but it wasn’t bad either. So the news that the same developers are making a new Spidey game, with sort of the same dimension-hopping spirit, is pretty exciting for me.

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day. For game journalists, that means wading through piles of “hilarious” bull-pockey to sort the real news from the fake. Whoo.


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