Going to be one of those weekends

I know that it’s a pretty rare privilege to play free video games, tell other people what you think, and then get paid for it. I want to make it very clear that the positives of this awesome job far, far outweigh the negatives, and at best my gripes amount to what DJ Frontalot has coined “first world problems.” Just putting that out there, to temper my next comments.

The two games I’m reviewing for Shacknews, Steel Diver and Ridge Racer, are turning out to have surprising longevity. Ridge Racer in particular is a pretty long game — I’ve played almost 5 hours and it tells me I’m about 20% done. Steel Diver isn’t long itself, but some of the later missions require multiple tries.

What this means is that almost all of my game time this weekend, if not all of it, is going to be eaten up by these two games. I’d like to have a little time to relax and play games that are on my personal queue, instead of just for review, but I doubt I’ll be able to. The deadlines are Monday and Wednesday — whichever I finish first, I review first — and I just don’t think I have much time to spare this weekend for personal gaming habits.

On the bright side, being portable games, I can play them pretty much anywhere and anytime. So I plan on having my 3DS with me all weekend, breaking it out whenever I have 5 or 10 minutes to chip away at the reviews. That should help a little.

I played a tiny, tiny bit of Ghost Recon yesterday, and it quickly shot up the charts of my favorite launch titles. Can’t wait to have a bit more time for it.

  • As an old-school Mega Man fan, I’m glad Inafune seems to be doing well. He left Capcom pretty unceremoniously — I have to think it was related to him flat-out insulting his own company and Japanese development in general. So hopefully his new outfit makes some quality games.
  • Sad news is sad. And it being April 1, someone in the comments had to be kind of a jerk about it.
  • Gee, NPD, this wouldn’t have anything to do with one of the largest game publishers on earth calling your data useless, would it?
  • It fell on me to compile this year’s April Fool’s prank list. Most were pretty funny, if a bit unoriginal. Announcing a game is so passe. Announcing an idiotic feature, like WoW’s Dungeon Helper, that’s a great idea. I may have erred in calling the Hasbro piece at the end a prank, but c’mon. It definitely looks like a prank. Unrelated to my Shacknews list, my buddy Chris did the list for 1UP, and it made me chuckle to see that a piece of my wording from when I was a 1UP newsie (“Havens of Lies!”) is still in. That’s my 1UP legacy. You’re welcome.

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