I think my cat has OCD

My wife and I have two cats: Peaches and Simba (we didn’t pick either name). Peachy either has a lot of her kitten energy leftover, or she has some kind of manic chemical imbalance, because she pretty much just acts insane all the time. Simba, by contrast, is pretty quiet and keeps to himself, doesn’t like being near Peachy when she gets in trouble, etc. I picture him sounding a lot like Woody Allen.

But I’ve noticed a weird habit. Every time he uses the litterbox, he spends a good 5 to 10 minutes wiping the dust off his paws on the side of the box afterwards. Every time. If this were a human, this would be washing his hands until they bleed.

Some say the world isn’t ready for more Rex Ready. I say they’re wrong.

I have a little interview for an upcoming Reality Check tomorrow. Plus, someone else that I contacted for one that’s overdue replied, so I can finally get around to that one. I won’t spoil the topics of the two, but I’m glad to finally be working ahead on these so I can hopefully have a few in the can. I also pitched a few more stories to Frank today, and he approved, so bam.

I wrote the Shack review for Steel Diver, which isn’t seeing nearly as much hate as my Dragon Age 2 review for obvious reasons. I won’t belabor the point, but don’t buy this game.

I have another Shack review coming on Wednesday, for Ridge Racer. Despite the fact that we don’t give scores at Shack, it’ll probably get a noticeably better review, because how could it not?

  • Can’t wait for the UFC novel.
  • Oh Valve, you crazy pranksters. While on the subject, though, Portal 2 is out in just a couple of weeks. Squee.
  • Even if these new allegations are true, I’m not sure how much of an impact it will have. Sure, it might be kind of douchey to tell someone “hey, you’re not going to get fired” and then fire them, but I have to think the legal responsibility is going to land on West and Zampella for not negotiating harder.
  • Way to totally undermine your message, hackers! I get the sentiment, I really do, but I’m not sure how much weight there is in the “we’ll prove hackers aren’t law-breakers by breaking the law” argument.

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