Morality Plays

Every night when I prepare to do this blog, I track my stories at Shacknews for the day. From the main news page, you can see little snippets of comments. Usually a story gets 5 comments, maybe 20 or so if it’s moderately popular, and a bit more if it generates a lot of discussion. While scrolling through, I saw this snippet pulled from the comments of one of my articles:

“So you’d agree with her that making every mage tranquil is necessary and justified? And that the …”
– Alastayr    See all 86 comments

First off, 86 comments is insane. I got 130 or so for my Dragon Age 2 review, and that was stupid-controversial. For a regular news article, it’s almost unheard of. But even funnier, people are having impassioned moral debates on the Templars from Dragon Age 2, in an article that’s pretty tenuously connected to Dragon Age 2.

People wonder why I reviewed Dragon Age 2 as positively as I did, and this is why. Despite all its weaknesses, which I readily acknowledge, it has some fantastic writing with gray morality choices that have no right or wrong answer. That’s unique in video games, and worth rewarding.

The fruits of that Trip Hawkins interview should go up on 1UP tomorrow, unless the schedule has changed. Plus my Ridge Racer review is due. Sorry, I meant Riiiiiiidge Racer.

  • If DC Universe Online were better, this free patch sounds pretty cool. I like how Two-Face actually has the 50/50 randomness attached to him.
  • I already own Mass Effect 2 for 360, and I gave my brother a copy for some recent holiday (Christmas?), so I have no use for a free PC download. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll find some use for it.
  • I’m of two minds about this NGP delay. On the one hand, it gives the 3DS a major lead time, and Nintendo already tends to dominate handheld platforms. On the other hand, it may help them build up the launch library. On the other, other hand — yes, I have three hands — that added time could also mean the 3DS will be hitting its own killer apps right when the NGP releases. This could shape up to be an interesting race.

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