Birthday Revelry

Today was my birthday, and I celebrated at the DMV. Actually, I celebrated with friends over delicious cupcakes from my wife, and pizza, and tons of other food and beer actually, but I did have to go to the DMV.

Tomorrow is going to be some great Urban Burgers and probably the Spy Museum in D.C. I’ll see how the weather holds up to determine

Not one but two 1UP features went up today. The first is my One Console Future piece, for which I talked to Trip Hawkins. The other was a Gaming Culture interview with the guy who made the $14,000 Portal gun.

Anyway, it’s late and tomorrow’s an early start. Let’s do this thing.

  • Persistent profiles seem like a no-brainer for a company that iterates as much as EA Sports. At the very least, it could add some value so users don’t feel like they’re paying $60 for a roster update.
  • I love PopCap games, and seeing them dip into their dark side has me interested.
  • I’d like to be in on the Resistance 3 beta, but not this badly.
  • Mass Effect 2 was one of my favorite games of last year and probably one of my favorites of all time. The Arrival DLC was a little underwhelming, but seeing how it impacts the story of Mass Effect 3 right from the start gives me confidence that BioWare knows what they’re doing.

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