FYI im a spy

As part of my birthday celebrations this weekend, we visited the Spy Museum in D.C. It was all pretty interesting, especially the level of gadgetry that seemed like it was out of a Bond movie. I particularly liked the rolling camera built into a change purse. It seemed like a rudimentary scanner way before scanners were really invented.

It went through some of the tools and basic terms, then started with early spy history through modern wars. They showed some footage of a spy network that was working during World War 2 — they were caught, obviously, and vilified accordingly. This tied into some propaganda points about the whole “loose lips sink ships” motif, and how guarding information became more of a citizen effort during the war. They also had a pretty interesting (if small) display on the spies and counter-spies working to keep the A-bomb a secret from the Russians.

On the downside, it was a little overlong. The museum is basically a straight path without any place to sit and relax, since they want to keep foot traffic moving. Effectively this means you get information burnout after the first four or five sections, and there are seven in total. We sort of glossed over the last two since we were a bit tired and hungry after four hours of reading about spies.

  • Can’t wait to see I.P. Freely’s Franks in BioShock Infinite.
  • The truth is that Grammy awards have always been allowed to consider video games, but the publishers weren’t submitting them and the voters weren’t voting for them. This move seems engineered to invite game submissions.
  • When is a rumor not really a rumor? When it’s super, super, super obvious.
  • If this means Battlefield Heroes for XBLA, I’m all for it.

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