Ralph’s Mistake

I hate to turn this into a Survivor blog, but once in a while a move warrants a mention. Now that the tribes have merged and Rob’s former tribe is dancing to his tune, the opposing tribe is getting sniped one by one. The show isn’t even pretending that it’s suspenseful anymore; they cut two eliminations in tonight just to get them over with because they were so unsurprising.

I can’t shake the feeling that this is all Ralph’s fault.

Ralph doesn’t seem like a bad guy, but he made one of the dumbest moves in history last week. It was a forgone conclusion that Rob’s alliance was going to vote Matt out, and Ralph had a hidden immunity idol. He could use it to protect Matt, which would cast all the votes for him null and void. Rob would’ve been eliminated. So the votes got cast, Jeff Probst asked if there was an immunity idol to use, and Ralph promptly spoke up, to protect… Mike.

Wait, what? I was sure, as soon as he said it, that he had misspoke. Either he mistook Mike for Matt, or he had no idea what was going on. Mike wasn’t in danger. Mike’s name wasn’t even mentioned. They were targeting Matt. And it’s not as if protecting Matt would’ve been an altruistic maneuver. It would’ve benefitted them too.

Now don’t get me wrong, Matt was stupid to trust his former tribe-mates. He’s a nice guy who seems to assume everyone is exactly as nice as he is. But Mike’s gang could have saved him, and exposed Rob’s duplicity in one move. They’d instantly have superior numbers and could be doing what Rob is doing right now, picking off the opposition one by one. All it would’ve taken is for Ralph to use his immunity idol on the right friggin’ target.

I’m still rooting for Matt, who has gone back to Redemption Island now. Poor kid.

I got another offer for a preview today, in addition to the other one that was already due Friday, so I’m cranking those out on top of the extra stories I’m doing for Shack this week. It’s turned very busy very fast.

  • This seems like super-weird timing if it’s true, but who knows? Nintendo is pretty unpredictable.
  • I guess that settles which platform I’m getting L.A. Noire for.
  • Squee. Also, I highly recommend the little comic Lab Rat that they put together, it bridges Portal 1 and 2 nicely and even expands a little on Chell’s character.
  • I took advantage of this sale to grab Bionic Commando and Magic: The Gathering. I don’t have a lot of time to play either right now, but $5 is pretty much my impulse price for XBLA. Also, I probably won’t buy it since I’ve already played the DS version, but Clash of Heroes is pretty fantastic and the XBLA demo I played shows it has a nice graphical upgrade to boot.
  • I had to make the Michael Vick crack at the end here. I mean, no disrespect to his talents on the field, but I just don’t see how he deserves an award for following a carefully constructed PR plan that results in him making millions of dollars. You brave, brave man.

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