Fingers disapprove

So I wrote six stories today, wrote a preview for GamePro, and edited another one for 1UP, so my fingers are a little tired of typing at the moment. As a result, I’m going to keep this one short and sweet.

  • Kinect support for Netflix? Awesome! Too bad all hands-on accounts say it’s actually pretty crappy, doesn’t support your full queue, and just generally is disappointing. Is it really that hard to get this concept right?
  • I might jump on this Civ 5 sale if I weren’t already overloaded with games. I think I like Civilization more as a concept than in practice. In practice, I’m actually pretty bad at the game and almost never finish.
  • The top story of the day at Shack, and easily on the Internet, was the Nintendo console rumor. Between Game Informer and IGN both claiming they have multiple sources confirming, that’s a little too much smoke for there to be no fire. The only part I’m a little skeptical about is it outpacing the PS3’s power. That would be expensive, and while the Wii might have given Nintendo the money to blow, they tend to play their cash pretty conservatively. On the other hand, the company has built up a lot of cache in the public consciousness, so hitting the hardcore with a new uber-system might be the right move. Hrmph. I’ll have to judge it when I see it, but I’m thinking the rumor is pretty believable. Ironically, when we reported on a Wii price drop yesterday, we also noted that it could be a move to lay the groundwork for a new console.

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