I pointed this out on Twitter, but I’ll go into more detail here. I’m only a few hours into Portal 2, but already I’m noticing a recurring theme from the first game. Namely, I’m kind of stupid when it comes to Portal puzzles.

I have a tendency to overlook the obvious, easy solution. Instead, I come up with some ludicrously hard solution that would probably work, if only I were skilled enough to pull it off. Eventually I’ll think better of it and figure out, hey, they wouldn’t make the actual solution this hard to pull off.

For example, last night there was a wide chasm to cross and an angled wall to do so. I figured out that much (after a bit of futzing with a catwalk that I couldn’t reach, then found out once I reached it was completely unnecessary). The solution was to get up to a high point that was far up, then fire a portal to the ground, and fall into it to gain the necessary thrust.

Instead of seeing/noticing that high platform, I doubled back over one portal set to gain some thrust, launched myself towards a wall all the way on the other end of the room, tried to hit a second portal just as I hit that wall, and then fire an exit point into the angled wall. If I could have pulled this off, it would have been amazing. But after failing a dozen or so times, I figured that couldn’t possibly be it and looked around some more.

  • I think it’s funny how Boon was playing it coy like there was a huge library of Microsoft characters to choose from for inclusion in Mortal Kombat. C’mon man. We all know it was Marcus Fenix. Letting Master Chief shred some fools was never a serious consideration.
  • Sometimes news is so completely unsurprising that it hardly qualifies. But I guess yesterday deserved a follow-up.
  • Letting fans vote on a map is a cool idea, but I think the absolute thrashing in the vote helps show how sick people are of zombies, even with creative play mechanics.
  • Funny enough, just yesterday I was talking with Bryan about our bets for the E3 conferences this year. We mentioned that a new God of War game is pretty likely, and then this story comes around.

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