Cadbury Eggs

Around this time every year I get to taste the sweet, sweet, extremely sweet, almost too sweet taste of Cadbury eggs. Apparently in their homeland of England, you can get these year round, but I kind of prefer the rarity. Would gingerbread be associated with Christmas if we could have some in March? Nay.

My Summer Blockbuster games feature went up on 1UP today. Some of the edits aren’t quite what I would’ve made, but I like how it turned out. The Harry Potter reveal just happened today, so I had to whip up a blurb about it. Hopefully it doesn’t show.

  • The PlayStation Network outages started out as a relatively small story, but when Seybold admitted it could last a couple of days it blew up into one of our bigger stories. What a terrible week for this to happen too. As I note in the story, this was the week for four big online PS3 experiences, three of which are PS3-exclusive.
  • This was my personal big story of the day: Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype, available in about a month. I got my start with Mega Man, I still have a lot of love for the series, and the Legends games are just so damn charming. The addition of Barrett scares me a little, as he looks like the character engineered to have 90s “tude.” Remember when they added Axl to Mega Man X? But the mechanics and art style look right, and I’m sure Volnutt will be playable in the final version at least, even if not the prototype. Also, calling it a “prototype” and inviting fan input is pretty cool of them, even if it ends up being more for show than actually part of the development process. A long-dormant game series like that needs to let the fans feel involved.
  • My favorite part of this Mario 3DS story might be how Miyamoto just basically came out and was like “yep, raccoon tail!” I mean, he’s not even bothering to pretend like it could be anything else. Also, the Galaxy team working on mechanics that mix that with Mario 64 and apparently old power-ups from Mario 3? Yes, please.
  • Valve doesn’t want to share Steam sales data. NPD must be fretting over this, because without Steam they’re going to be doomed to irrelevance within a couple of years. (Though they haven’t exactly been helping their case by slowly releasing less and less information to the press).

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