iPhone is so easy! (Some assembly required)

I got my iPhone today, and (this should come as no surprise) I’m pleased with the slick little device. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been a seamless experience. The “cable broke” (which we assume means “the store is about to close and I don’t feel like dealing with it), so the salesman couldn’t transfer over our contacts. I’ve already manually transferred mine, and I still have to transfer my wife’s.

Worse yet, we couldn’t transfer photos from my wife’s old phone. For most of them this isn’t a problem, but she has a really nice picture of an owl she wanted to transfer over for her wallpaper, and the only method I know of is kind of a pain. Any solutions would be appreciated.

So while I wait for this update to be applied, blogging time. Today was a bit slow, which was good because I had a bunch of things to take care of before my parents got here.

  • I suppose the DS Lite is about due, but it’s still surprising that Nintendo didn’t drop to $99.99 before letting it die completely. I bet they’d squeeze at least a few extra sales out of that price point.
  • It was too much editorializing to say in the story, but I can say it here: this sounds like Capcom is holding our nostalgia ransom.
  • Damn, now I need to go back and finish episodes two and three.

One thought on “iPhone is so easy! (Some assembly required)

  1. JustinPM says:

    To be honest Steve one of the easiest ways of getting things moved around in iOS is to just use Dropbox. Move it into the dropbox folder and then just get it from the app. It’s pretty well put together that way.

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