Slow day, busy week

It’s looking like another killer week, with 7 stories per day for Shack and a few freelance pieces I’m trying to finish up before the end of the month. I also got asked to do another piece for 1UP this week, so adding that to the pile doesn’t help.

Today in particular, though, was slow as molasses. If we had our full staff on at Shack there’s no way I’d have done 7 stories. There just wouldn’t be enough to go around. I’m assuming that most of the games industry took off for the day, since yesterday was easter.

The Sony outages are reaching epic proportions, where now people are pitching strange theories and Sony is well beyond getting out in front of it. The failure of their service is understandable, but the failure of their messaging is pretty heinous here. The fact that people had to wait five days to be told their credit cards may have been compromised is ridiculous. That’s the kind of stuff you address day one. Immediately.

Not one, but two of my pieces went up at 1UP today. The first was a pretty recent piece I submitted called 3DS Games We’ll (Probably) Never See. It looks like it got a good discussion started, but my favorite part might be that I got to bring up Elite Beat Agents. I’ve had this idea about a final stage featuring “Thriller” for a long time.

The other piece was what I call a Gaming Culture article, even though that series name isn’t used anymore. It’s on the game One Chance, which was a flash indie hit a little while ago. What’s funny is how the editor called it a “new game” in the dek (i.e. subhead). Maybe it was new-ish when he edited it? I don’t know. But it’s definitely not new now, and a lot of people are having a good laugh at that. Just to reiterate: I did not call it new.

  • I almost feel bad for Nintendo. I’m pretty certain they wanted the 3DS to be an E3 surprise, and now they probably wanted Project Cafe to be a surprise too. The surprises keep getting leaked, and Nintendo keeps confirming them like an annoyed parent who caught the kid looking in the closet.
  • The video editor in this week’s Nintendo downloadables sounds surprisingly robust. It’s actually kind of shocking.
  • I’m not sure whether I should think these Max Payne 3 shots are bullshot. Either way, that ain’t gameplay.
  • I didn’t get into the Infamous 2 beta, but it’s nice to hear that they’re extending it as Sony is down, down, down.

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