Waking up with the iPhone

I love my iPhone, but the alarm is so loud and jarring that I think it gave me a headache this morning. It followed me around all day, so I found a new alarm. It lets me set a random song from my playlist, which is exactly what I was looking for. I just don’t get why that functionality isn’t built in to start with. I mean, it seems obvious, doesn’t it?

I just got finished writing about 1500 words for one story, and revising another, so it’s pretty late. I’m just going to make mention of a few things and then get out of here.

  • Unpleasant Horse: Got it, enjoyed it, don’t know how much I’ll play. It’s a fun little time-waster and I like that PopCap can play around with different stuff.
  • Called it.
  • I convinced Garnett to let me run this little PSA. I’m not trying to grind an axe at Sony, though I am still pretty convinced this is related. I just thought it was important to remind people to be careful.
  • Dang, Kinect. I know that number is for the whole E&D division, but Kinect was a large driver there.
  • Oh good. It wasn’t Michael Vick. Really close though. Uncomfortably so.

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