Outland is everything great about games

I picked up Outland on Xbox Live Arcade this week, and I’m really digging it. It’s like they combined Super Metroid, Prince of Persia, Symphony of the Night, and Ikaruga into one game (with a distinct art style to boot). I’m probably about halfway through it, but it’s just fantastic.

That 1UP feature I finished up last night went live today: The Top Shooters of 2011 That Aren’t Call of Duty. Check it out.

  • Ruh roh. I pressed Garnett on writing that editorial PSA yesterday, because I’m still fairly convinced that my credit card was compromised as a result of the PSN hacks, and I wanted to remind people to be safe. I figure when we’ve got a bullhorn and can do some good, we should. Now the FBI and Homeland Security is apparently involved too, so I was probably right.
  • I hit this news in record time, because it was so exciting. Portal 2? Free DLC? Holy tramapoline.
  • Fallout: New Vegas patch meant to fix bugs creates a new bug. Hilarious.

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