The continuing saga of Sony

Jesus Christ, Sony. I’m trying to give you the benefit of the doubt here, I really am. But first you neglected to tell users about their PSN data being taken, and now you actually tell people the opposite of what’s true regarding SOE data?

When people asked about SOE, you said the data was safely stored on separate servers from PSN. Now we find out that millions of credit cards have been compromised. Now I’m not saying you’re lying — I don’t think you would knowingly tell people their data was fine when it had been stolen — but you’re certainly making yourselves look incompetent.

So riddle me this: why should anyone believe you when you keep trotting out the line about having “no evidence” that PSN credit cards were compromised. You’ve been lax once, wrong once, and people seem to be giving you the benefit of the doubt. It bottles the mind. Like when your mind gets all trapped in a bottle.

  • Garnett didn’t cover the Welcome Back stuff over the weekend, so I grabbed it this morning. As stated, this is the bare minimum they could do, and I’d like more transparency on the CC# situation. Mine is protected, now, but I feel like more and more people are going to be defrauded until they just come out and tell people it’s not safe. Overall, though, it was a positive story for Sony.
  • Unfortunately, that nice momentum got broken quickly with the SOE story I ranted about above. It started out with just pulling the service with an alarming message, and turned into full-on WTF territory.
  • I’m fairly in the tank for Assassin’s Creed, so a new one sounds good to me. I’m fairly convinced it’s the next full-on game, especially since some leaked images say to watch for the reveal in GameInformer. I don’t think GI would make an NGP/Social/Mobile game their cover story.
  • Fair questions. Frankly, I think Sony needs to answer some of these, so I’m glad an entity with a little muscle might be able to get a real answer. What exactly makes you so sure that the credit cards are safe, when you were positive that SOE cards were safe and you were apparently wrong?

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