Magnet Gun, where have you been all my life?

I tried out the Red Faction: Armageddon demo tonight. At first I was sticking with the basic weapons — the assault rifle, the mine thrower, even the black hole weapon seemed pretty easy to understand. I tried out the Magnet weapon, but gave up on it quickly because I didn’t really get how to use it. Then I read one of the little tool-tips, and it clicked. Connecting it to an enemy, and then to a wall, or another enemy, or whatever? Brilliant. Whenever I buy/rent RFA, I might just use that weapon almost exclusively.

Of course, there are other weapons that I might end up favoring.

GoNintendo noticed a cool hidden homage in the Skyward Sword trailer. That can’t possibly be on accident.

My latest Reality Check went up at 1UP today, this time about Nintendogs. I thought this one was pretty interesting — a little more basic since it’s a subject that a lot of people know the gist of (proper pet care), but it was fun to talk to Mr. Ha about the differences between a real dog and a Nintendog.

  • As much as I loved New Vegas, I’m just not inspired to delve into the DLC like I did for its predecessor. Maybe when these three packs drop or get bundled I’ll bite.
  • Guess this is really happening, huh?
  • This Halo Fest sounds pretty cool. I half-wonder if they’re prototyping a dedicated Halo event, but holding it inside PAX to gauge interest. Halo might just have a big enough fanbase to support its own convention, even if it’s kept small-scale at first. That said, it’s the 10th anniversary, so people are bound to care more about it now than in a year with less Halo going around.

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