I volunteered to review Brink for Shacknews, but Garnett said he’d take it personally. Now seeing the critical reaction, and the inevitable backlash against that reaction, I’m kind of glad I didn’t. Its Metacritic average isn’t awful, but it’s getting low scores from some of the more highly-regarded outlets like Giant Bomb, IGN, and 1UP.

Apparently some of the fan outcry cited achievements. Really? We’re still doing that? I’ve got to admit this has been a secret fear of mine: that someone will look up my achievements or trophies and criticize me for not playing the game “right” in some stupid way. It’s not a valid criticism, but I know it used to be a popular one. It was good to see the gaming intelligencia shrugging those criticisms off. Now I’m comfortable in the knowledge that, if it ever happens to me, people won’t take that feedback seriously. At least, no one who matters will.

I do have Brink coming from GameFly though. I’ll judge it for myself soon.

  • Microsoft bought Skype today. It makes sense, even if Skype’s bubbly Web 2.0 approach seems so counter to Microsoft’s more stuffy corporate philosophy. Maybe that’s just my perception, but they seem like such a slow-moving behemoth that it’s hard to reconcile the views.
  • The next Alan Wake is apparently some kind of side-project. Maybe it will actually make sense! In seriousness, I moderately enjoyed Alan Wake, and loved the ambiguous ending. Then they went and ruined it by explaining everything to you in the epilogue DLC.
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Minerva’s Den tells a story as good as the original BioShock, and everyone needs to play it. It’s on sale this week. No excuses.
  • PSN update: Shit still be broke, yo.
  • I’m intrigued by SpyParty, but it’s Windows PC only right now, so I’m out of the running.

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