5 Minute Impression: Brink

Not good.

Moving on. A new episode of Re-Play Radio went up tonight, and it’s one I’m pretty happy with overall. Sometimes we just hit on all cylinders and have a fun time recording. Those usually become the best shows, and this was a good one for it.

I also tried my first pitch at a non-gaming site tonight. I want to expand a bit, so we’ll see how that goes. The idea may very well get rejected, for any variety of reasons, but we’ll see. More details as they come.

  • I’ve hung up my New Vegas spurs, but I might pick this DLC up on sale. More information about the Burned Man is interesting. I do find it funny how they’re being extremely vague about the PSN release. Not too confident in the “few days” estimate, huh Bethesda?
  • I never play Ace Combat because I’m not good at it, but damn if the screenshots don’t always look amazing.
  • Speaking of amazing, next Tuesday can’t come fast enough.
  • I only played a little of the original Crush for PSP, but the 3DS really makes sense for it. That said, I want them to really integrate the 3D mechanic. Make it so that swapping the slider is what actually impacts the game world, so when it goes into 2D, it literally goes into 2D, and when you switch it to 3D, it really appears in 3D. If it’s just a button press prompt, that’s a huge missed opportunity.

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