I was promised Legends 3 in May

And today I find out that promise has been broken. The eShop won’t launch until June, the week of E3, when I’ll have no time to play it. First world problems, but still, a little disappointing.

Apparently NBC has passed on Wonder Woman after a tepid reception for the pilot. Thank you, NBC. Thank you.

Speaking of crappy TV adaptations, tomorrow is the finale of Smallville. I’m so psyched for some total nonsensical bullshit.

  • I could take or leave Section 8: Prejudice, but I always like when a game unlocks features through collective play. It feels like a nice community effort.
  • I remember the Winter Uprising, and how it was a huge mess because there was no set schedule. Hopefully these XNA changes make the next Winter Uprising more organized.
  • I really hope Beyond Good & Evil 2 isn’t canceled, but these financial results don’t bode well.

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