Sony’s make-goods

Sony detailed the Welcome Back program today, and it’s pretty generous. We knew it would include four games, but these aren’t bad offerings. I’m a little surprised Infamous is on the list, even. I won’t be grabbing it because I’ve already played it, but it’s a nice offering.

I think I’ll grab Dead Nation, Super Stardust HD, LittleBigPlanet, and ModNation Racers. Now to wait for the PS Store to come back in the first place.

They’re working hard to make good on the problems. I still think they should’ve let users know a bit earlier and been more transparent in general, but I can’t fault them for their methods of apology.

I should be getting LA Noire tomorrow, but I’ve been playing Mafia 2 in the meantime. It’s sort of getting me in the mood. The setting is really well-made, even if the mission objectives are a bit one-way and checkpoints are more-or-less broken.

  • This was the nicest way I could think to say, “Chrono Trigger is available so who cares about everything else?”
  • I’m wondering if Amazon is going to echo this free DLC offer for LA Noire.
  • I’m not sure how to feel about Gotham City Impostors. On the one hand, customizing your own member of the Joker gang (or impostor, or whatever) is appealing on a certain level. On the other hand, Batman as a first-person shooter rubs me the wrong way on a lot of levels.
  • Good to know that when the PS Store does come back, they’ll be playing catch-up. I do wonder a bit if that means it will flood the market too much. I know sales will be a little hit by it no matter what, but oversaturation could be the next threat to publishers.

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