Sony takes one step forward, one back

I have a certain level of sympathy with Sony over this whole hacker fiasco. I really do. They got hacked by some kid posing as a white hat, even as he handed the car keys to a bunch of black hats and feigned ignorance. They tried taking him to court for it, and spurred on the attention of a hacker group. That attention is probably responsible for the hack, whether Anon was directly responsible or not. So I get it. You guys got hacked, it can happen to anybody, etc.

And like I alluded to yesterday, I can’t fault their make-good efforts. They’ve been pretty generous with their apology offerings. I suspect they hope we’ll forget the “apology” part, since it implies the need for an apology, but good on them.

But seriously guys, comments like these from CEO Howard Stringer just don’t make for good PR. Even if his frustration is understandable, it doesn’t come off the right way. When read by someone like me, whose credit card info was compromised and who remains personally convinced the PSN situation played a part, it’s doubly uncool.

On the bright side, the report confirms that Kaz Hirai is safe. I haven’t been incredibly happy with Sony’s transparency through this whole debacle, but I felt like the executives shouldn’t really pay the price. Hirai has been next in line for CEO for a long time, and it would be a shame if he lost his place as heir-apparent because the ball was dropped in some lower department. For that matter, I’d like Patrick Seybold to keep his job too. All in all I don’t really want anyone to lose a job over this; just learn the lessons and move on.

I’ve played very, very little of L.A. Noire so far. Xav has a Field Report up, which more or less describes some of my early experiences. Very linear, very interesting, fun and tutorial-y so far. But holy crap does it look gorgeous. I’m playing on PS3, and anxiously awaiting the ability to unlock the extra content codes that came with my copy. Same thing goes for my Mortal Kombat online code. PS Store, come back soon.

  • A lot of people (including us, when we didn’t know any better) reported the Xperia Play as “the PlayStation Phone.” The truth is it’s the first of many PlayStation Phones, and we got that piece accurate in today’s release date news.
  • I may just have to bite the bullet and buy Infinity Blade.
  • I wouldn’t buy it, but this $4 motion comic isn’t a terrible investment. If you really love the Mass Effect mythos, and want to play ME2 multiple times, being able to cater a ME1 save within 15 minutes is a good deal.
  • This Nintendo/Best Buy partnership is weird, mainly because Nintendo can already push content out. I got a notification one day that my Nintendogs had been updated with Teddy Roosevelt’s dog, which sounded awesome, but I had already traded the game in.
  • So glad I saved the Rachni.

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