Episodic gaming, to its logical conclusion

I’ve played just a few hours of L.A. Noire, and I’m really enjoying the old-school adventure game feel. Once you get past the (comparatively dull) tutorial beat-cop sections it’s really a great feeling to take charge of your own investigations and choose when and how you approach witnesses and evidence.

Each case starts and ends with a title card, so it has a very episodic feel. As a result, I’ve resolved to play one case per day, until I finish it. It might last a few weeks or so doing it this way, but I feel like spacing it out like a TV show will better deliver the story on its own terms.

And considering it might overheat my old-model PS3 if I play for long stretches, maybe that’s a wise decision anyway.

It was a pretty slow news day. Between the pre-E3 dark period and Judge’s Week, not a lot was going on. We still found a few stories to hit up.

  • I don’t usually pick up fighting game DLC, but Mortal Kombat might tempt me. I’d like to play as Scarlet, for one thing.
  • This was a relatively minor PSN security issue, but kind of funny regardless. Did no one notice that the password restoration system relied on information that had been compromised weeks ago? Good on them for jumping on a fix, though.
  • I was one of the 1.29 million.
  • I’ve already stated that I’m in the tank for Assassin’s Creed. So here’s more info on the next one.
  • This was a fun story to write about Netflix, mostly for the Dr. Who and LOLcat references.

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