So many Blades

I snagged Infinity Blade today since it was on sale, plus the recent update news got me interested. I didn’t think it was really possible to be this impressed with the visuals in an iPhone game, but wow. Those screenshots always struck me as a little bullshotty, but color me impressed.

I had heard that it’s basically Punch Out with swords, and that’s true to an extent. But with a leveling and equipment mechanic, it feels a lot more fleshed out, and I’m a sucker for RPG-ification.

  • I’m not going to lie; if this LA Noire DLC is reasonably priced, I will probably get it. I’d say $5 is fair for one episode, since they tend to last about an hour. $10 would be way too much, but I’m assuming $5 is too low so they’ll hit at $7.
  • Despite Seybold coming out to cast some plausible deniability in case plans change, I think this report is pretty accurate and we can expect the PS Store to be restored in time for next week’s update.
  • My favorite part of this Lego Harry Potter story might be the range of guesses/suggestions for future Lego titles. My favorites are probably Lego X-Men and Lego Gargoyles, though I would say Lego Lord of the Rings is actually a very distinct possibility.

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