Green with Envy

The Muppet movie trailer came out today, and it was awesome.

I played a bit of NCAA Football 11, since I got it free with an Amazon credit. I never got a hang of the Madden games, but I figured I’d try this one out. I made my own custom team (the Messiah Fightin’ Jesuses) and tried out a game. Apparently I was docked Sportsmanlike points for beating the pants off of the other team.

I understand sportsmanship and playing well, but scores are sort of the point of sports. It’s how we track team performance. Penalizing a player for doing well seems a bit silly in a video game. Especially since this was literally my first time playing and I was either playing a terrible team or having some amazing dumb luck. Not exactly welcoming.

It has gotten me more used to the mechanics of the EA Sports football franchises. I might even pick up Madden this year, so I can play as the 2011 Ravens. I’ll finish the season the way they should have.

  • I might bite on Peace Walker or the new God of War if they make them Remasters, but I already played Chains of Olympus. Frankly it’s part of the reason I hate the analog nub. I know a lot of people bitch about the lack of dual sticks on the PSP, but it’s long been my position that I’d settle for one functional stick over two nubs any day.
  • This Sony cost news was surprising, not so much because of the hack cost, but because of how much larger the earthquake cost is. The earthquake was a big story in gaming, but the only word from Sony was a few delays and a quick rejection of the rumor that it had impacted NPD production. It looks like it actually hit them pretty hard, at least financially.
  • EA Sports allowed to continue being EA Sports.
  • I’m always open to free, new content, but these Dead Space 2 maps also basically confirmed that the leaked Sony memo was legit. That means we’re seeing the PS Store tomorrow. I didn’t really see any other outlets picking up on that angle, for whatever reason.

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