Short and sweet

It’s been a long day, between my regular work and doing a couple of different freelance pieces that I’m working on getting done before the end of this month. So I’ll keep this pretty short, especially since there’s not much to say. I’m prepping for E3, but when you’re working from home that pretty much just means resting your fingers and figuring out what hours to watch G4.

  • I maintain that the memo was real, and Seybold’s comment was a C-Y-A move. But it’s a good thing he made that move, because the PS Store didn’t go up today. I actually went back and forth with another writer on whether the Dead Space 2 paragraph was relevant, but Garnett thought it fit okay, so we kept it in.
  • Ubisoft jumps on the free-to-play wagon. I’m not really sure how many shooters that wagon can support, to be honest.
  • If I didn’t already play/own them, this Resistance 2 Dual Pack is a pretty good deal.
  • I might actually pick up this Japan charity album, especially if some of the old-school composers went with chiptunes tracks.

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