Angel hair is the best pasta. This is not a discussion.

We went to the local Italian place, fanciest restaurant in our small-ish city, to congratulate Nina on her Master’s Degree. I ordered angel hair pasta with crab — in Maryland, pretty much every dish is offered with crab — and it was delicious. It reminded me how much I love angel hair, and how we never get it anymore because they never make it in wheat form and we try to eat healthy.

Well screw that, I thought, I’m getting some this week. I still had some homemade sauce leftover from the last time we made pasta, and I made it tonight. Even with my amateur cooking skills, it was amazing.

I will entertain thoughts of superior pastas, but you will never change my mind. You live in your inferior world where you love rigatoni or whatever the hell, and I’ll continue being right.

  • I’m not going to lie. When I saw that XBLM had gone down today, I was a little nervous that angry Sony fans had hacked it to prove it could happen anywhere. Turns out it was just that some intern accidentally sat on the “shit be broke” button.
  • Seriously. Hothead. Three DeathSpank games in a year is ridiculous. Even if the series were great that’d be pushing it. And it’s not great. It’s kind of dumb. I didn’t like my time with it, and mostly it just made me resent that you aren’t giving us Penny Arcade Episode 3, which both was a better game and had better writing.
  • On the subject of XBLA games I do want, hells yes Double Fine. Trenched looks great, and I’m happy it’s coming out soon. Watch the intro cutscene that went up today if you haven’t. Since Double Fine started their initiative of smaller, downloadable titles, I’ve pretty much eaten all of them up. I’d even get Once Upon a Monster if I had a Kinect.
  • I suppose I should probably register for this identity theft thing at some point. But I already have it through a different company, since my college lost a hard drive full of our data last year sometime. I’ve already swapped all my cards and passwords so I feel pretty safe, but might as well take advantage of the free service.

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