Twas the fortnight before E3

Usually pre-E3 we go into a dark period. It’s a media blackout, and all we have to write about are scattered leaks and small announcements that don’t want to get lost in the hubub of E3. The last couple days, though, have been pretty flooded with announcements and trailers. If this is the stuff publishers want to get out to avoid E3 distraction, they must have some crazy surprises in store. Either that, or this will be the most boring E3 ever.

  • This Disney Universe thing seems like it would’ve been an E3 announcement, but I’m not sure if Disney has much of a panel presence. Still, you’d think they could’ve roped Microsoft into making it a part of their presentation, during the “family friendly” bit that they always have. Sony wouldn’t bite, I’m sure. Too much like LBP.
  • The screens for this Dungeons & Dragons game look pretty, but the comments section isn’t kind to it. I’ll try it out tonight.
  • This was sort of a non-story, but it’s a new Assassin’s Creed trailer, and people tend to like those. I do love old and grizzled Ezio.
  • Hey hey, free crap that won’t matter for Resistance 3. And Forza 4!

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