Installing FFXI

I’ve played every main, numbered Final Fantasy game besides Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV, the two MMOs. I’ve had FFXI for Xbox 360 for a while, one of the special packages they released with a bunch of the DLC, but I was waiting to try it out. Since we’re in a slow-ish period waiting for some games, I decided it’s as good a time as any, and last night I popped the disc in.

An hour later, after the PlayOnline registration process, I was just starting on the actual installation which was set to last another hour and a half. Suffice to say I canceled it and I’m installing it tonight. I can’t comment on the game, but man is the setup a pain in the ass.

  • The Asian PSN restoration is a big deal, don’t get me wrong, but the bigger story here for me is how Sony is still being super vague on bringing the PS Store back. And it looks a whole lot like they’re missing the May release target. What a surprise.
  • I never got an answer back on whether Skarlet would be included in this first Mortal Kombat DLC pack, but it sounds like she won’t. Still, I’m actually considering picking it up. Because I am a sucker. Not as much of a sucker as people who paid $100 on eBay for a classic Reptile costume.
  • A lot of people were a little annoyed that we reported on this Netflix/Miramax deal. I suppose I can get it, it’s not really directly related to gaming. But Garnett wanted it written, so I hit it. Besides, it’s an interesting story, and nice to let our readers know they can go a little movie-crazy on Monday. Funny, though, how I said Rob Lowe instead of Rob Schneider. Whoops.

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