E3: The Home Team

I’m not at E3, which makes me a member of the “home team.” Basically, we’re covering news remotely through the live streams of press conferences and news bits, and leaving the previews and interviews to the people actually there to conduct them. It’s a more efficient way of doing things. Most of the time.

Today I tried contacting a PR rep about a story, and she replied by giving me the hours she’d be at her booth. I had to explain that I’m not actually there, which is a little odd when they know you’re covering the event in some capacity.

Anyway, working in this capacity means my hours aren’t nearly as weird as E3 attendees, and some of my time is spent supporting the on-site team by uploading trailers and spot-checking other people’s articles.

As a result, stories are slowing down as the focus of E3 shifts into first-hand accounts and interviews. Today I only turned in 7 stories, as opposed to 12 yesterday and 19 on Monday. Tomorrow might be more in line with my average (5), but this week I’m basically working during a set number of hours without regard for quotas. I imagine Friday will be pretty dead.

I’m reviewing another game for Shack, and it should arrive here tomorrow.

  • I’m not sure how to feel about the whole Gotham City Imposters thing. It just seems so strange and undermines the whole point of Batman. Casual violence isn’t Batman’s thing. Even in its goofier incarnations, Batman is about the weight of violent actions. Batman and guns just don’t mix. Maybe the game will be fun, but it seems more like a standard shooter with a mis-matched gimmick.
  • The PS Store update was a nice reminder to grab the Klassic costumes pack.
  • I tweeted something to this effect, but people getting upset over the Wii U only one tablet thing was just really unexpected for me. When I watched the demos and stage demonstration, it seemed patently obvious that the console was designed specifically to just interface with one tablet. Multiplayer is asynchronous. So the comment from a Nintendo rep didn’t strike me as remarkable or surprising, just confirmation of what I had already figured. To see people’s reactions, everyone expected to buy four of these things and for the system to have the processing power to beam images to all of them. Back up the expectations guys.
  • This was also utterly unsurprising — so much so that Keighley didn’t even grill Reggie on it. He just stated it as fact with a question mark at the end, and Fils-Aime was like “yep.” Seriously, the system is a year and a half from release, and these are all games that are currently being ported to the system. Of course they’re not ready to show yet. If Darksiders 2 looks like a Wii game, we can call bullshit on them later. For now, it’s premature.
  • Many industry veterans that I trust (like Jeremy Parish) claim that FFXIII-2 is the game FFXIII should’ve been. I might actually bite on it. I loved the combat system, but the story made no sense, and I didn’t like most of the characters. Fix those two things (and make it so combat doesn’t get mega-cheap on certain bosses) and you’ll have me give it another shot.
  • I mostly like this Uncharted 3 story for the little joke at the end.
  • And you can see my snark devolving even more with this Blades of Time story. I think I slowly get more courageous with my commentary as the day goes on. If I wrote until midnight, I’d be straight-up calling out developers.

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